Anjos de Companhia - Quem somos

First and foremost, we are a group of people who truly love animals, that's why we created this project, just for the love and dedication we have to all animals.

We want animals to end their lives with the greatest dignity possible. This is, of course, also your wish.

With us you can make the tribute and wake of your best friend as you wish.

Tell us how you prefer to pay this tribute and we will make it happen.

Each one of us knows the love that has for your animal and how do you want to pay homage to it, transforming its departure into an eternal memory.

We are a team that together with veterinarians has essential knowledge about the entire process of cremation and its benefits.
It is in fact very painful to watch the departure of our “Company Angels”, that's why we created this company so that we can accompany you in that moment, transforming the sadness into pleasant memories of a brief "see you".
Let's demystify the sadness of the departure with good memories of what you and your animal lived together, because they will remain forever alive in our hearts.

One animal does not replace another, but they all offer us unconditional love.

It is for them that we are here, so that they will never be forgotten, so that they become an eternal memory of love.
Follow the farewell of your “Company Angel”, it will be done as you wish and you can be present during the entire individual cremation process, because “Angels” deserve everything!


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